These are just some of the best in FIFA 23

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    • These are just some of the best in FIFA 23

      In the most recent Episode of Inside City our cameras give you the scoop on what has been a memorable and FIFA 23 Coins action-packed few days at the club.

      We see the squad as they return to the CFA after the International break, as having the scoop regarding the most recent player appearance day which saw Kyle Walker engrossed in a light-hearted FIFA 23 Ratings debate.

      Our cameras will follow the players throughout what turned out to be an unforgettable day of derby from preparations prior to the game, Etihad arrival through to highlights of the game and post-match celebrations after our stunning win of 6-3.

      While away from the action, Indian singer, actor and former cricketer Harrdy Sandhu, along with South Korean singer Sumni - each of them hugely popular across the world - paid a welcome visit to the CFA.

      We also witness former City goalie as well as Matchday Live pundit David James play cricket with Harrdy who later swapped roles while firing football shots alongside Jamo wearing full cricket outfits!

      And last, but by certainly not the least, we get a different perspective on a fantastic Champions League Group G win at home against FC Copenhagen.

      Defensive midfielders are among the most popular roles because of their versatility, and these are just some of the best in FIFA 23

      A defensive midfielder has been one of the most important roles in modern soccer teams, which need fluidity in both attack and cheapest FUT 23 Coins defense. The players in this position will assist the defense in stopping certain attacks , and then quickly move the ball forward towards more advanced players with the aim of controlling the ball and perhaps even starting the counterattack too.